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The present standard provisions are applicable to all the services performed by the lawyers at the law firm Law-Solutions (“L-S”) and to their clients. Whenever a client calls upon the services of L-S, he is deemed to know and accept the present standard provisions without restriction. The client’s own standard provisions that are contrary to the present ones will only be applicable upon prior written explicit approval by

L-S. The present standard provisions will be applicable to all future relations between the parties, except the case where L-S publishes or communicates an updated version of them in any form. Any modification and/or derogation needs prior written explicit approval by L-S.
2. Even if the client deals with a specific lawyer within L-S, the contract is deemed to exist between the client and the law firm. L-S decides freely to affect and/or to dispatch the different missions to any lawyer or to replace a lawyer by another one without the possibility for the client to oppose to it. L-S is also entitled to freely call upon lawyers not belonging to the law firm for the performance of specific tasks.
3. L-S performs its services within a reasonable period of time and, in case of specific agreed terms, to deploy its reasonable efforts to observe these ones. In any event L-S cannot be hold responsible for non observance of these terms due to client’s or any third party’s behavior or in case of force majeure.
4. Lawyers at L-S are bound by the professional secrecy. All mails, advices, acts of procedure, etc. are transmitted by L-S to its clients under the explicit condition that the client observes this confidentiality. The client is only entitled to transmit their content to third parties with the prior written explicit consent of L-S.
5. Advices, opinions, written documents, etc. coming from L-S are protected by intellectual property law and can only be used or reproduced upon the prior written explicit consent of L-S. In the event they relate to a specific client or a specific situation, they cannot be applied to other situations or persons without a new analysis of L-S.
6. The liability of L-S, either contractual or in tort, including all the lawyers working within L-S, for any damage, material or immaterial (such as moral damage, loss of clients, production, time, data, commercial opportunities, etc.) caused to the client is limited to the amount of the guarantee of L-S’s professional liability insurance (the applicable amount on a case-by-case basis being communicated by L-S to the client
upon first request of the latter). The client holds L-S and all lawyers working within the law firm or on behalf of it harmless against any claim from a third party based on the performance of a mission for the client, except in case of fault committed by L-S.
7. Unless otherwise agreed upon, L-S invoices its services on the basis of its usual rates, which are adapted from time to time to the evolution of the prices on the market, without prior notice. L-S reserves its right to request a down-payment before any provision of services.
8. All invoices of L-S are payable cash and without discount at the registered office of L-S or on the indicated bank account. Failing to pay, interest for late payment and a complementary indemnity (that cannot be less than 15% of the amount of the invoice) based on the Belgian law of 2 August 2002 are due from the day of the date of the invoice and without prior notice. The charges for payment or and currency
exchange are born by the client. Any claim regarding an invoice must be addressed to L-S by registered mail within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of the invoice. Failing to do so, the invoice is deemed to be irrevocably accepted.
9. If, after the conclusion of the contract, unpredictable or unforeseen circumstances occur rendering the performance of the agreed services by L-S more difficult or onerous, L-S is authorized to suspend or adapt its obligations accordingly.
10. Belgian Law is applicable to the relations between L-S and the client. In case of dispute, the courts and tribunals of Brussels (Belgium) are sole competent. L-S remains however entitled to file a claim with the courts and tribunals of the residence or of the registered office of the client.
11. In case one of the clauses or part of the clauses of the present contract is declared void or inapplicable, all the other clauses remain applicable.


General terms of use

1. Law-Solutions

LAW-SOLUTIONS is a law firm with office in Brussels. The list of partners and associates is available on the website or on request at the address below.
The editor responsible for the website has his office located at 19 Dreve du Senechal 1180 Brussels, Belgium and is registered under the number 0807.208.363.

2. Acceptance of general terms of use

You are kindly invited to read the general terms of use of our website carefully. You will find these by clicking on the link appearing on each page of the website. In using our website, you are deemed to fully agree with the present general terms of use. Please note that Law-Solutions is entitled to change these general terms of use at any time. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to read them on a regular basis.

3. Use of the website

The content of this website is available for general information purposes on Law-Solutions and its activities only. The use of the content of this website is restricted to services offered on the present website and for you personal use.

4. Illegal use

You have to use this website in the observance of all legal and contractual provisions. It is forbidden to use it in a way which could damage Law-Solutions’ interests or its customers’ interests.

5. Disclaimer

You are using this website under your own responsibility. Anything downloaded or obtained by any other means while using it, is at your own risk. You are the only person liable for any damage to your computer or any loss of data subsequent to the downloading of these elements.
Law-Solutions supplies this service without any commitment on availability or performance. Law-Solutions cannot insure that the service works on an uninterruptible basis, is appropriate, safe or exempted from errors. Nor can it ensure that the results obtained by using it are accurate, reliable or that potential defects, if any, will be redressed. Law-Solutions seeks to publish information on this website that is, to its best knowledge, up to date. Law-Solutions does not guarantee that this information is appropriate, accurate, exhaustive or updated on a permanent basis. The information in this website, especially financial information and tariff conditions, can be inaccurate from a content or a technical viewpoint and can contain typos. This information is provided for an illustrative purpose only and is subject to periodical modifications. Law-Solutions is untitled to change or modify this website at anytime and without prior notice.
This website contains links to other websites and links to other sources of information. These are at your disposal for information purposes only. Law-Solutions has no control over the information in these websites. Therefore, Law-Solutions cannot offer any guarantee regarding the quality and/or the completeness of this information. Law-Solutions can never be held liable for any type of damage, direct or indirect, or of any other nature, resulting from the use of this website or of the impossibility of using this website for any reason whatsoever, irrelevant of the type of liability (contractual, in tort, delict, quasi-delict, or no–fault liability).
This is so even if Law-Solutions was aware of the potential of such damage. Moreover Law-Solutions can never be held liable for acts of the users of its website.

6. Contact

You can address your comments or suggestions by e-mail to

7. Copyright notice

Materials available on this website (texts, pictures, images, icons, clips, software, databases, data, etc.) as well as their combination or compilation are protected by Law-Solutions’ intellectual property rights.
Unless otherwise explicitly indicated, you must obtain a prior written permission of Law-Solutions to copy, reproduce, represent, modify, transform, publish, adapt, distribute, broadcast, grant sublicense, transfer, sell any material whatsoever, by any mean whatsoever, or use by any way whatsoever, all our parts of this website.

8. Personal data protection

Any visit of our website implies collection and treatment of personal data. Law-Solutions has defined a clear and accurate policy of protection of personal data, in compliance with the relevant legal provisions. You are kindly invited to read our personal data protection policy below.

9. Accessibility and compatibility

A special attention is drawn to the observance of compatibility rules. The website is designed to allow an easy use through domain IT interfaces (Windows, Macintosh and Linux, Ipad and Iphone). Users using other types of interfaces have also access to it provided that the interface is recent.

10. Dispute resolution, tribunal having jurisdiction and applicable law

Belgian Law is applicable to the present terms of use. Any dispute arising from or related to the use of it will be subject to conciliation between parties. In the event of failure of the conciliation, the dispute may be deferred exclusively to the Tribunals of Brussels (Belgium). Law-Solutions is entitled to sue before another competent Tribunal if it deems is appropriate.
The printed version of these general terms of use and of any other note in electronic format are deemed to benefit from the same conditions than those of commercial documents or registers created and stored in printed version during any administrative or judicial proceedings.

II. Personal data protection

1. Personal data

Any visit of our website implies the collection and treatment of personal data.
The process of personal data related to this website falls under Belgian Law (Belgian Personal DataProtection Act of 8 December 1992, as amended by the Law of 11 December 1998 transposing the Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data).
Law-Solutions has defined a clear and accurate personal data protection policy, in compliance with the relevant applicable legal provisions. Law-Solutions has also developed security measures aiming at avoiding any loss, any abusive use or any deterioration of personal data belonging to users of the website, to which Law-Solutions has access.
The present policy is not prejudicial to the right Law-Solutions has towards users, in relation to which Law-Solutions is entitled to perform more extended operations under any type of contractual, legal or regulatory provision. In the letter case, Law-Solutions benefits from the most favorable rule towards it.
Following your visit, Law-Solutions stores the following data:
· Your domain (automatically detected);
· Any information disclosed to Law-Solutions on a voluntary basis (by having answered to a survey or registered to the website, e.g.).

2. Purposes

These personal data are used in order to:
· Enhance the content of the website;
· Send newsletters on recent legal developments.
Law-Solutions is entitled to use personal data for purposes other than those listed in the general terms of use. In this case, prior to the use of your data, Law-Solutions will contact you to inform you of the modifications to the personal data protection and to provide you with the possibility to refuse to participate to these new uses.

3. Transfer of personal data

The collected information is in no way transferred to any other person (individual or legal entity).

4. Newsletters

This website offers newsletters to users free of charge. This service aims at informing users of recent legal developments. This service is provided for an information purpose only. Users are offered the possibility to de-register.

5. Right of access, right to request corrections or suppressions and right to object

In compliance with the Belgian Personal Data Protection Act, you are entitled to have access to data related to you and to request corrections or suppressions of them. You are also entitled to object to the process of your personal data free of charge. These rights can be implemented by an email to

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